Saturday, January 6, 2018

A winters fireplace full of whimmsey

Welcome   brrrrrrr! its cold here in S. W. Florida and everywhere for that matter hope you are as warm as can be. This winter I wanted to go with a winters farm theme. I crafted a sign my imaginary WinterCrest Farm and all the farm items to go with it . I painted things I had been saving when I conjured up this idea months ago.

So my kids thought I was crazy saving the Mrs. Butterworths plastic bottles but I gave them a coat of black chalk paint and added the price   seemed fitting because the farm sign says pure maple syrup.

 White lights and a few baron branches to give the winter glow

This little ceramic piggy bank also got a lick of paint 

I added my vintage wooden breadbox filled with raffia and some blue and white dishware

A simple rag garland

So this mantle display did not cost me any money just stuff I was saving and some paint and an old piece of wood !

Thanks so much for joining me today

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