Hi there...hope you are all enjoying your summer !  It's been busy here  kids moving out and kids moving in!  One things for sure they all keep me on my toes.....you just gotta love your kids and go with it. They all know they can always come on back home.  I thought I would redo the wash room I don't know the proper name for this room but it is attached to a master bedroom and the door that you will see leads to a shower room that I shared the redo a bit ago.  So there was allot of wallpaper peeling my worst job ever!!!

As I have shared with you before the best way to remove wallpaper is a spray bottle with some hot soapy water and a good scraper. Its tedious but once you get going it not to bad. That was one days work. Once that was complete I painted a bright vanilla cream color. Lets take a look!

 I wanted to mix some farm animals for fun so my red rooster seem to fit nicely atop the mirror. I used allot of red white and blue so that it would be cohesive with the bedroom theme.
 I placed a red rug to pick up color
 The vanity was black so I added some white to make it seem like old wood

 We don't put out pretty soaps here everything in this glass jar will be used daily, soaps etc.

 I bout a half way curtain rod from Tuesday morning so I hung a little lace curtain .
 My old school house chair fits nice in the corner

 This sign I hung above the door is so fitting wouldn't you say??

I took an iron basket that is really for out doors to fill with a coconut liner and flowers but it seemed fitting here to hold all the hairdryers and straightening irons. Well that's it........a clean, fun makeover that only costs me the paint but I had all of the décor items on hand. What a little paint can do always amazes me!

                                                                              Until next time,