Hi there thank you for coming along! Sit back and enjoy . First I would like everyone to pray for the family that lost their 3 year old boy after he was snatched up by an alligator.  When visiting Florida you must always beware of alligators that can be in any bodies of water. We are headed for Everglades City to catch the sunset ....Why they call it a city I don't know, it has one school house, a few motels and eateries, but not too much of anything.

Airboat rides that will take you thru the marshes will put you up and center to nature. Fishing is also phenomenal and a good camera is in order on this adventure. Lots to see may have to take pictures thru the SUV window but that is kind of hard seeing that Mr. STNSA turns into mr. Speedy Gonzolas.

Lets take a peek.......
 This is where they dwell in this brakish water. This is a long road monitored by FWC. This should all be view from the car window
 Saftey first , the road we will be traveling is chuck filled with gators and if you choose to throw a bite of your lunch to wally gator plan on going to the slammer. They are all about enforcing rules. These signs are up everywhere in the Glades.

They hide in the mangroves, that's ok cause I hide in the car. This was an unusual still day.

There is a huge boardwalk here for a safe way to view gators and all other wildlife.

 This bad boy was sitting under the walking bridge

The mangroves are thick with gators, fla birds and many snakes, I always have a snake kit ready just in case.


This is the famous Rod and Gun Club a restaurant/hotel. The décor is very rustic and beautiful. Ever seen the movie" Gone Fishing" with Danny Glover and Joe Pesci? It was made here, some at this very Rod An Gun Club and other areas here. If you did not see it you should its a great movie!
 The skies here can turn dark and grey quick......a storm can brew within seconds and just because it rains in one area it can be dry less than a mile away.
 There are many airboat places here. They are really loud but they do take you out in the swaps that you would never get to in a typical boat.

Can you spot the gator? all the way on the right side just treading slowly through the canal.

 This is a huge  Florida Panther made from plaster I believe and he is here..................................
 OK so this is the Skunk Ape Headquarters and its even more than that. There is a wonderful hands on zoo inside with a gift shop that sells some unique items and also some unique things to snack on, here they are famous for their boiled peanuts you can eat the shell and all and they make them all different such as hot and spicy, Cajun etc.....Also they take the Skunk ape very serious in these parts The local little dinner sells the Ape skunk burger and many other items bases on the famous Skunk Ape. If you visit here you must talk to a local and they will tell you the true story of the Skunk Ape. There is also a campground her as well but I would be cautious this is in the heart of the glades and is filled with bears, cougars, panthers, huge snakes, alligators and allot more.

 This is the Everglade's Town hall bldg. so rustic and cute!

This is a unique lighthouse if you venture to the Florida Everglades  you must do this.......bring a great camera, fish the waters, bring mosquito spray with deet, only watch the gators from your vehicle or from a FWC assigned area, Beware of the huge roadside cameras in the evening, I guess they have sensors that can detect an animal is close by to cross the road and they will flash brightly so drive slowly, go to the Rod And Gun Club for a wonderful meal ,ask for stone crabs  the local crab that is caught here and only here  DELICIOUS!, stop at the skunk Ape headquarters for some real fun.........

The end of a perfect day here in the Everglades! So happy you could come along!
Till next

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