A Saturday scanning for thrifted treasures. 

 Hi there, welcome ...schools out, summer is in full swing......it seems to be going by way to fast. I thought  Saturday a thrifting adventure would be fun!  So first I found this huge clock only4.99 Love the way it looks hanging in the seaside kitchen.
 I spied this copper shell and knew it was a must have at 1.99

I sure was not leaving without this  wooden rowboat, it paired well with a recent sign I crafted , "Seaside Boat Rentals".

 I tucked it in the wrought iron basket with some white lights for whimsy.

I also came across this shiny ceramic shell type bowl for .99

I cant think of a better way to have fun on a hot summer day! The best thing to do when you are thrifting is to set a budget for yourself stick to it to avoid overspending. I know things have a cheap ticket price but that can add up if you are not careful, then there's the unexpected thrift store find. I'm sure you can all relate to that , its when you find something you will not leave behind problem being it cost a fortune. For me when I found my vintage refridgerator I was not leaving the store without it! So after some sweet talking to my daughter who has a truck and Mr. STNSA  I explained to him what a good investment I did leave the store with it. The most important thing about thrifting is that you have fun!

                                                       Until next time,