Add a little color's summer for goodness sake!

Hi there........come on in, its been raining here so I think our tropical rainy season is here to stay , for a while anyway. That means many hours to craft ,sew and cook.

You know when you have a piece of décor and its just looking dull and old and you just want to retire it to the storage shelf....well that's what happened here. I have this old wooden type frame with a chicken wire back , you've seen it before various places and you may recognize it. So I gave it a lick of a color dry wash and crafted a pretty rag wreath to hang on the front of it

 This coloring is on my favorite list!  How about you, what color are you brushing on these days?
 You gotta love the .50 sample s at home Depot
 To make the wreath just cur the round hoop from a plastic container This one is from ice cream.
 Just tear something up this happened to be a retired bathrobe and T shirt, so now you will tie the strips of material onto the plastic hoop.
 And there you have it a new look for an old friend and a wreath that did not cost any money!

I will be using this piece in my hallway after I paint it. So go and scan your treasures and take them out of hiding and repurpose and redo. 

                                                           Thanks so much for visiting!