A New giant stencil and a quart of primium paint equals an accent wall ....come see

Welcome friends!  happy Sunday, have you ever had a look at a room that was just not fitting the bill? Well my living room needed something so I came up with the idea of an accent wall....I just love the color black, clothes, furniture even black licorice and that's what I have named this color seeing that it was a quart off of the opps counter at our new Ace Hardware. All of the paints here are very expensive but are high quality. This is a little daring for me and as I was painting I almost shut the job down as I had my doubts. But I kept trucking along ignoring my doubts. So here you have it the Licorice walls with the huge rose stencil that I bought at Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning carries allot of craft supplies that you really cant find other places.

 This is the mirror that I found at the thrift store, just gave it a lick of paint.

 You can see my little mini cooper sitting on the sofa from the mirror reflection.
The other walls are a Vaseline color.
This picture is totally too dark but above the window on the opposite side of the room I painted the tin squares the dark color and then stenciled a rose on them.
So don't be afraid of traveling a bit out of your comfy zone and get daring such as I did you just might like your new design!
Enjoy your day!