Tuesday, April 5, 2016

THE TREASURE CHEST THAT was Accidentally dressed wrong!

Hi there, hope that you are all enjoying Spring! Sooooo, if you follow along I recently found a mirror that I redid, but along side that mirror was this very old trunk. Of course I had to take that also. Then I get this......"oh my god, mom's bringing in some more junk", the kids had to say really loud so that Mr . STASA  could hear. And I am trying to get this in without any one noticing. It's bad enough I have had it in the trunk since I picked it up.

But I don't let them get me down because I know that this trunk is great and will be better than ever! He just needs some tlc, and paint of course. So lets take a look at it .....

 The handles are heavy duty leather
Ok so after I painted it mind you I found it that the military used these for foot lockers. The Kleber Trunk and Bag Co. made them. It sells for about 200 in this condition and is dated 1940. Now if I knew this I would and probably still will paint it in the Military green perhaps with some Camo cause I have a son who loves anything Military and is looking for a career as a Military Police so eventually it will be done over for him. Exciting news for me because I always spend time imagining who, what went on with vintage pieces I find. Who was the soldier that owned this trunk, what was his title. Wonder what he stored in here. One very exciting thing that I found was that the bottom also opens with a skeleton key it has a hidden bottom...wonder what they put there????

But now with a dry brush of paint and some stencils this is what we have now...

 I have a skeleton key but the lock does not work properly

For now it will work as a place to hold board games and something to converse about but I feel like I have dressed a boy in girls clothes funny enough , should have never took a visit to Ebay.
Thanks so much for stopping in today !

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