Hi there, let there be Spring I say! I know allot of you are still dealing with some cold and even snow........now enough is enough! Right?   I know you have seen this shelf in several places here at Sweet Tea N' salty air but never where I placed it today. And not wearing white either.

how many of you have a nice sunny window but when you look out the scenery is not all that? That's me...when I look out I see my neighbors boat I love boats but in the sea not near my window. So I thought I would make a window garden So I attached some wood to the shelf and screwed it into the wall around the window and in between the windows.

 So here is the shelf red....I don't know why but I am so sick of red???
 The shelf now a vanilla color , like it much better!
I did just a tad of distressing. The shelf already had chicken wire attached to it.
 I also placed a wrought iron bench in front for a little place to sit, I thought the little muchkins here would enjoy that!

 I rolled up a vintage strawberry appliqued scalloped apron for some cuteness. I had picked up the black shutter at a yard sale.

These cans On the bottom are just big Hunts tomato cans that I painted and they just rust on there own with a little outdoor life.

 I gathered some old colorful clear glass dishes to set against the chicken wire and reflect the sun.

 I thought it would be fun to root plants as well as having succulents etc..

I scanned the house for different things to use as planters such as tea cups. Almost anything that can hold water can be a planter if there is no drainage just add some small rocks on the bottome and be careful not to over water.
Maybe you have a huge shelf just sitting around waiting to go somewhere.....maybe a sunny window it will be!!  

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