Here's whats new at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.... some rescued art & rag garland!

Hi there so happy you could stop by!   You know how ....well maybe you do....when you find something that someone has thrown to the curb. You see it and you have your doubts?  Well that was me this time around a huge picture of sunflowers and professionally matted ,the framing itself was actually canvas, oh heke I took it anyway!

Come to find out the picture kind of grew on me and I am so not the lover of flower pictures but as I starred at it I noticed a young boy hiding behind the flowers  well after seeing that I loved the picture. Then I thought let me look up the artist...come to find out it was the work of the famous artist Charles Baskerville  1898-1994. He did portraits, still-life's, illustrations and murals. I love history so finding out all about this piece of art made me adore it even more! Lets take a look....
 First things paint the canvas wooden frame. It was stained and did not do the picture justice.

I have no idea how the orange is shining thru behind the picture ,the picture is propped up against a huge mirror that is usually there.

Last evening I wanted to make a little something to complement the picture so I crafted a rag garland with a yellow hue to match the picture.

 I love rag garlands and they are super easy to make , just ripping strips and cutting them to you desired lengths and knotting them on. To make it easy I tie some cording on two things so its easy to tie in this case I used 2 shutters.

 Notice the young boy hiding behind the flowers peeking thru?

I am having fun today with the new computer that has  many picture features. So after all that I am sure I will be keeping this piece of art.
Thankyou for stopping on in !

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