Hi there, thanks for visiting, When I was a child my grandmother had this thing in the middle of the table that was round and actually spun around......yes a Lazy Susan. Had not thought too much about that until I spied a wooden one at the thrift store. It was just plain wood, I am thinking Maple maybe? So I bought it ,  I thought the kids would get a kick out of it. I  can remember how overloaded my grams was with salt and pepper, jellies, ketchup, napkins etc. But everything would be in hands reach.

 Cherries is the theme today! When I think about cherries I think of summer,

 In this table setting I used a bingo card for some fun!
 I painted it with just a cream color and then painted on some cherries.
 This is very old but is still functional.
Carried the cherry theme to the china cabinet,

 I think it will work well on the dining table! Happy weekend and come back and visit again


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