Welcome....... tonight I have made a little dinner to get everyone  to the table. A large pot of homemade broccoli , cheddar ham chowder and baked sea salt /olive oil crusted potatoes. Since I have decided to put two oblong tables together this means that one side sits flush against the wall so I could take advantage of seating 9 comfortably and being able to use some extension cords at the end for decorating a bit. So the first thing was to take some white lights and spread them down the center...I pressed a sheer curtain panel and softly placed it on the white lights down the center.

On top of the lights I put some iced branches with some red icicles and of course some pine cones with a tin watering can filled with fresh greens and a humungess candy cane. I used the snowman dishes and matching bowls. 

I simply cut some red mats from a roll of brown paper on one side and red on the other.

Simple clear glasses filled with a plaid napkin, candy cane and snowflake.

And also a few Christmas mice scattered around the table which was a big hit for the littlest girl at the table.

The dining room chandelier has a dimmer so I kept the lights at a minimum.

A vintage snowman is lit at the end of the table to complete the icy , snowy setting.

Table settings can be so fun .....just pull together all your resources and see what you can conjure  up!
Have some fun with it....
Happy decorating until next time