Hi, so happy you could stop by. As I was shopping at Joanne's for some materials I saw these cute burlap trees and quickly gathers some burlap and bells and cording and went home to make my own.

With just some lightweight cardboard I saved from some food boxes, burlap, cording  a few bells and what ever else you like you can create these little shabby vintage looking trees.

I made some to add some Christmas to the Bealles cottage that was given to me many years ago from my mom, so I cherish it and it appears in my décor year round.

Just bend the cardboard in to a cone cut and trim and glue with hot glue. The next step is cutting the burlap covering the cone and hot gluing at the seem.

I used cording and bells on some and some pretty light pink opaque ribbon on some.

I am sure the fairy's that dwell in the Beall's cottage are ready to celebrate Christmas!  This is a very inexpensive craft that even a beginner would have some fun with. Happy crafting to you!!

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