Welcome , happy you could stop by. Santa is doing all his final checks hope your on the very good list like me "wink" "Wink"!   I have had this big pile of broken old wooden picture frame pieces just taking up space in my stash closet so I thought I would craft something for Christmas from them.....this is what I came up with.........

 The frame e were all different woods and thicknesses but it did not matter. After arranging them  all in place I used construction glue to keep them in tack.
 I gave them a coat of watered down white paint seeing that the wall is dark so there would be a bit of contrast.
 Then a bit of sanding to distress it a bit

A bow and some faux pine. These stars can be decorated for every season so I just may use them year round.

Have any broken picture frames around this craft is super easy. One thing though once you glue them with construction glue let them set overnight just to give it enough time to dry. Have fun!