Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! Happy Saturday to you. I decided to sew up a pretty strip quilt for a new little girl. The process is easy it's just first picking two pretty pieces of material and cutting equal amounts of blocks , even if you are not a pro sewer and just a beginner you could craft this quilt. You will need a pattern to run by simple enough some cardboard measured out and then its just tracing until you have your desired amount which would depend on the size this one is 3x4 ft. which is ideal for a newborn.

So after you lay out your quilt squares exactly how it will be, you will take the rows and make separate piles. Start to sew the rows together making sure you have the right sides together and the colors are alternating. This will be quick. Then you will just sew all the rows together.  For me sewing on the machine is such a relaxing thing. You may think the same. What ? You don't have a sewing machine well you best put that on the top of your list. I do see machines at thrift stores but you may need to do some maintenance on it.

There you have it , all sewn together, don't worry if they don't match up completely that is the joy of a hand done quilt non perfection!  After it is all sewn together time to cut a piece of lining quilt lining is sold at Walmart craft/sewing section or any material store. Now cut a piece of material about 5 inches bigger than the sewn quilt itself because you will be making an edge with it.

Sew the big cut of material and quilt lining together with the back side down and leave enough opening so you can turn it right side out. You will have to use common pins to do the edge and for the whole project if it makes it easier. The edge will be the overlap of the big piece of material so you just pin around the edge of the material tucking the raw edge up underneath and just sew the complete perimeter . You can take some colored embroidery thread and make some knots here and there for that vintage look.
 I put together a rag type garland to match. I thought it would be nice to attach the first rattle etc. to it.

This would make a cute baby gift ! I know that the direction may not be exact but feel free to email me for further directions. Quilts are always a welcome gift and lend a great deal of warmth but many times they are just used for some pretty décor.  Thanks so much for visiting today!

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