Welcome!  Fall kicks off many wonderful traditions such as Pumpkins, beautiful foliage, hot Chocolate and home baked goodness! My flour and sugar jars are filled to the brim and ready for some baking action. I must admit summer was many grilled out dinners and being here in Southwest Fla. we grill all year through. But Fall brings home baked breads, muffins , pies etc.

As a little celebration of Fall I decided to make some homemade Cuban bread , My favorite back North was always Italian bread but here Cuban bread is super yummy! Bread is easier than you think! Even if you never made homemade bread this recipe is easy.
 The steps are easy,  dissolving the yeast in very warm water.

 All ingredients gets mixed well, Don't have doe beaters ....use what the good lord gave you! I always use my hands for doe making, this allows you to get to know the doe so to speak. It put you closer to all the steps the doe goes through....stop laughing I can hear you!  lol
 Kneading is important , you want to get all the lumps needed out and get it to a smooth texture. Funny story....I was making doe with little Natalie and the only way I could describe kneading was to be mean to it, slap it down and keep repeating.
 I have been bread making for 20 years since I was a little girl. This Cuban bread differs from most. Most recipes you just plop the doe in a loaf pan , with this bread you roll it out into a rectangle about 10x15 or so and jelly roll it. Don't skip this process it is very important. These have been rolled and have been placed in the oven to bake.
All done! lightly browned and ready to mop up some homemade Italian soup!

 Here is the recipe, the book is older than the hills....for real.

I hope youll try this recipe its super easy and bakes up perfectly, This bread is a winner, the texture and taste is perfect.   Happy bread making to you!