Hi there, so happy you could stop by. I spent all day Friday making this coffee table. We decided to change up the living room a bit and place the 2 full size couches on each side of the humungous 3D theater tv,  and the big overstuffed chair front and center but when I made the move the present coffee table was way out of scale so I was planning on scouring the thrift stores for something smaller but still round that I could paint over and vintagize . But I got to thinking and planning on Thursday night that I could craft one myself. And that's just what I did, my daughter is in construction so I get pallets and wood frequently. Shes a determined young lady who may just be the next house flipper on HGTV one day. Shes learning all the trades an aceing them all.

So everyone was gone on Friday  so I quickly got my chores done then packed up all my tools ,gathered my pallets and wood, paints etc... and went to work . I knew I wanted to design the table as a clock, I just love the big Jumbo wall clocks. I started by measuring the space between the 2 couches so 30 in. would be ideal. so I took my piece of 1/2 in plywood and put a nail in the center attached a string to it then the other end of the string to a marker and drew the perfect circle. And then cut it out with my new jigsaw. My neighbors hear bagging and cutting and wonder what the heke this lady is up to.
Now it was time to take the pallets apart but with this jigsaw it was easy sailing. If your wondering why this picture is a bit blurred , that's what happens when you take a camera that's been in AC out to some humid hot weather.
 Took the pallet pieces like a puzzle and fit them in perfectly. After they where all set in place on the plywood I simply nailed them in place. After they where nailed I tuned it over and cut around with the jigsaw.
Pallets stripped of all the wooden planks.

Once the pallets were cut to fit the plywood base it was time for a base coat of black paint.
It's starting to shape up......I then put a coat of very light lime green over the black.
 Here "he" is all dressed as a vintage clock.Notice I refered to it as a he? Usually when I am painting furniture they are refered to as ladies. For the base I used a wrought iron piece that once was the base of a fire pit. So glad I didn't toss this out because it fits perfectly.
 I stenciled on the roman numbers of time and also the "southern Farmers 1809" ,
 I did allot of sanding to get the vintage look.
 Now everyone has leg room  and a place to set their drinks on during movie time , I was upset about a huge 75 inch tv but secretly I cant wait to watch "Christmas Vacation " with Chevy Chase on it.
The distressing made the table look very old.
 Now Im not a pro at wood working but I tried my hardest. My son said "you didn't make that", I took that as a compliment , it's not everyday that a thirteen year old gives those out!
So this project was free to make, had the wood and paint and was done in about 5 hours including drying time. Pallets are free for the taking in most communities, a good place to find them is Craigs list. I told my daughter to keep those pallets coming cause I have allot of projects in mind. Thanks so much for taking a peek at my new crafted coffee table! So get your jigsaw , hammer nails, paints , tape measure etc.... ready to role so you too can craft something pretty.

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