Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! And that is whats been drunken here, a great way to utilize all the mint in the garden . A past post tells how I make delicious Sweet Tea. Another previous post introduced my Fedex ice box from the late 1800's . My favorite find ever although my children would not agree they believe that it hold terrible spirits within, So far nothing strange going on here. Silly children.... So I took some of my favorites and some white lights and jazzed it up a bit!

 I also draped some pretty doilies on the doors that were hand made by my great gram.

 Cold milk anyone?

Life was so much simpler back then , not to mention less expensive.

Our little kitten was hiding in the crock as you can see his little paw . He is always getting into something but he's much to cute to scold!  Maybe you have something cool in your home that you want to display front and center, how about some pretty lights?  Thankyou so much for stopping by today!    Come party with me!  http://sirthriftalot.blogspot.com