Corian , A great counter by Dupont.

Hi there , so very nice of you to stop by. If you can remember a post about a desk made into a kitchen work center. I previously had it covered and used a glass top, but a recent Corian counter top that fit perfectly prompted me to lose the table cloth and paint the wicker.

Corian is made by Dupont and is a perfect non porous work surface. So far I have used it for many things and it always looks wonderful.

I removed the drawers and attached some frilly front curtains.
I had saved these slated pieces from another shelf its working out great with the coffee cups etc.
 Eggs ready for coloring sit in a wooden doughbowl.
I kept the makeshift shelf to hold some of my favorite things.

An old wooden barrel hold rags. An old cookie cutter is hung from the drawer handle for some jewelry
 My daughter cut a tomato and no cut marks although I thing I'll stick to the cutting boards.
 My glass coke bottles hold some spring flowers
A vintage flour sifter is home for my little wooden rooster.
I found 2 of these very heavy iron hooks so I placed one on each side of the shelf.
The best part out is that the counter top was a found treasure! Before you toss out furniture see how you might repurpose it into something else. Thank you for visiting!