Hi there, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! Spring is in the air. I have been clearing all my flower beds of the old and adding the new. Lots of work but I just love digging in the dirt and planting seeing new  colorful life.

My MIL works at a grocery here and has given me some large heavy duty foam boards that had pictures on one side such as deli sandwiches etc. So I thought that I would make some fun Easter yard decorations out of it rather than toss them out. So after allot of cutting with my kitchen electric knife and some painting and imagination this is what I have come up with.......
Peter Cottontail is joined by 4 very large painted eggs! I decided that the bunny would be a boy so I fit him up with some cute canvas trousers and a collared shirt with a bow tie.
I did spray them with a sealer to prevent weathering. This foam board is actually very versatile you can even sand the edges but I did find the best way to cut it was an electric meat slicer.
I attached some light weight sticks so that they could be securely stuck in the ground.

Foam board is very versatile and can be bought very cheaply, dollar tree has smaller sheets for just 1$

It was such a fun project bringing this bunny to life, this project is also great for children to help with guaranteed some family fun!

Thank you so much for stopping in , your visits make my day!