Hi there , thanks for stopping in today. I decided to paint my bakers rack. Black, it  just looks so very sexy, a phrase my daughter used and I tend to agree with her. I crafted some homemade chalk paint using some regular paint and added a little baking soda to achieve the look I was going for. Once painted I sanded it to distress it some and some furniture wax. Lets take a look....

I use this bakers rack somewhat like a room divider so I placed lace as a backdrop .

It appears that someone built a box around a shelf the wood was pretty bare and it is a pine of some kind. The piece was bought very cheaply at a thrift store and was not my favorite until now anyway!

I always had a cover on it and almost tossed it to the lanai. 

As I visit many of the blogs whom have done redoes of furniture , there is just something striking about a piece of tastefully painted black furniture that is so very striking!

Enjoy your day!    Furniture Feature Fridays