Hi there, I have been a busy sole how about you? So very much to do for the Holidays. I am so glad you stopped by for a little Christmas tour of my dining room. Well come on in........
The dining room is right off of the kitchen so I hung a pretty lace curtain there just in case I want some alone cooking time.
My wire basket is filled with some pine cones and colorful bulbs and a white candle stands in the middle. I have a tin bundt pan upside down in the center to prop it all up. Beads are woven in and out of the rim of the basket.

My little "barn house" fireplace that I crafted a while back is decked out for Christmas with a greenery wreath, a cute little angel garland from $ tree. The little snowman is filled with dry beans and made from scraps of material.
The chandelier has some snowflakes tied with ribbon.
My vintage ice box has some old fashioned silver tincil garland along with a ginger bread sign I crafted. My old lantern has a snowflake and bow attached.
This manger is one of my favorite thrift store finds
 Opps! forgot to take the ruler out of the bottom handle. This is to keep the kitty out this poor olden cabinet.
I would recommend these little Santa lights. They are from Big Lots, They have loud music and bright movement lights. Great decoration for children.
We have been leaving Santa milk in this cup for years!
Our dining room is not formal in any way, it is used nightly for meals as well as fun and games.
This is little cocoa
This is Sissy, she is no relation to cocoa but they are best friends and sisters. They were groomed today ready to take their pictures!
Thank you so very much for touring my Christmas dining room.
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