Hello there, so very happy you could stop by. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now we are ever so quickly easing into Christmas, Hanukkah, kwanza etc. As you may recall I was gifted some very unique pieces from a very nice lady and her mom that I met from Craigs list. One of the items was this very beautiful Vintage birdcage. I really racked my brain to figure out what I would do to give this some Christmas love......
I used a wire ribbon for the bow and made some cascading down. Inside the bird house I hung some doves a few pearl color and one golden glittered , I hung them at different lengths. The birdhouse is wearing some rust but that's what gives it some much glory.
Uh huh! Thought they were real birds huh kitty? I placed a nest of raffia on the bottom and  tucked in two Dove eggs , really glttered Christmas balls.
With just a little Christmas imagination you can decorate just about anything!
I know you must be busy getting ready for the holidays but please come back I have a many Christmas things I would love to share with you! Today I will be decorating the outside of my house. I hope you enjoyed your visit here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air ,see you next time!
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