Hi there, hope you had a fun weekend. Glad to see you stop by. Today was a busy craft day here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. Little Natalie and I have the sewing machine going, all the paints out along with the Christmas stamps.

Someone I know actually threw in the apron so to speak, she gave me about 15 white aprons. Seeing that cookie baking night part 1 will be this week I thought it would be so nice to craft up an apron to fit little Natalie so with a little cutting and sewing from me and a little paint and stamping from Natalie we came up with this.

I put some red ruffle on the top and bottom for some Christmas cuteness

Natalie was hard at work, carefully covering each stamp with just the right amount of paint. Taking care not to get any paint on the white material.
Now Natalie is ready for cookie night, we bake several dozens of assorted cookies and make a cookie party where we will serve up some punch, and snacks to go with it. She is super excited seeing that she will be wearing her special apron. I have made childrens aprons for birthdays they are very simple to sew and make great birthday gifts with some playdoe and mini cutters and rolling pins.
A simple formation of rectangle and a small square also strings on the top and waist to tie. This would make a great Christmas gift for a little girl.
Thank you for visiting!