My very best ever thrift store find and some hints of Autumn here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!

Hello everyone! Happy Autumn to you, here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air we have the Autumn we are not sick silly just happy to celebrate the season. I know what your all thinking , she lives in the furthest part of Florida she couldn't possibly experience Autumn. Not true , we have changes in the weather meaning perfect like 70 during the day and maybe 60-65 at night. Sometimes when we get to winter we have 30 degree temps and have to cover up every plant that's a whole other story. But we have pumpkin patches and Farm markets Very cool haunted houses and lots of Fall décor . I decorate outside and inside including lights.

I have been doing some thrifting and decorating. I happen to mosey on in the local Goodwill store and scanned the whole store as I usually do , when I reached the furniture my curiosity kicked in when I saw this white metal object but the front side was backed up against a dresser. So here I am moving all the furniture around to get to the front of it. My heart nearly stopped, and I am not kidding about that. A very old metal ice box....I had been wanting one forever for décor. So I actually whistled for Mr. Sweet Tea N' Salty Air to come quickly. They know me over at Goodwill its a matter of fact I have made some very good friends there, very nice people. So at that time I had not known too many things about ice boxes and there was no tag on it so we hailed down the manager and he said 49.99 and I said I'll take it. Now Mr. S.T.N.S.A. is like ..Oh my god what is she buying now! So I took him and explained that it was an antique and that it would be a great investment even though I had no Idea what the value was at all. I just wanted to get it home and deck him out for fall in my kitchen. You know how excited a kid is on Christmas ? Well that was me. Ok so its storming outside and Mr. S.T.N.S.A. says we have to come back and get it tomorrow, H e double toothpicks with that! He was going home with me right then and there. Mr. S. knows that when I get something in my head I don't change my mind so first we tried to squeeze it in the back seat, silly us it just wouldn't fit so I had my daughter come with the truck, The store was closing so I had to wait on the curbside for her in the storm. I do do some silly stuff if I have to. She came and got it lucky me!

I believe that the hinges are original and well as the metel shelving. I have had these cedar boxes I picked up at a country store a long time ago and they never really clicked any where I put them. Oddly enough they fit perfectly on the shelves. The left side is where the block of ice would go.
The Foodex co. made the Alaska Icebox located in Muskegonme MI manufactured these iceboxes in the late 1800'S and early 1900's. It is all original and in good condition. I thought it was so interesting  to see the stickers on the door telling where to put different foods.
I thought it was so funny when my children said to me that I should not bring such old stuff in the house because it bring evil spirits. I don 't know where that get that stuff from. If they only knew all the very old stuff I do have and I haven't seen a single evil spirit around here lol. You can never really tell what you will find when you go thrifting, sometimes I find nothing at all. I can't help to think if someone will have my Frigidaire Refrigerator decorated in there kitchen 80 or so tears from now that seems so darn funny!. I also decorated the window shelf with a light up fall house that one of my sons bought for me and I hold it very dear to my heart.
If anyone has any knowledge about the ice box I would love to hear from you! Next time I will share a new addition to my fire place. It seems nothing stays in place here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air we are always evolving! Happy Fall to you all
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