A little something new to my fireplace and Fall is in full swing here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!

Hi there! It's Wednesday already it seems like time passes by to quickly I need another 6 or so hours to my day. I found this very old dresser mirror/tiny shelf thing a ma jig that someone was throwing away, It was dark brown pine wood. So I quickly loaded her up ..it's been stored for a while until I figured it may be good on top of the fire place and what made it even better was that I slipped the mirror out and turned it around and voilà an instant chalkboard, no chalkboard paint needed. The surface is already chalk friendly. I gave it a couple of coats of paint leaving the carved area dark. I crafted a big Teddy Bear Sunflower out of brown grocery bag and sprayed some of the twiggy stuff with black spray paint .It falls from the Palm trees when it storms I actually was going to wander out into the woods for some twiggy stuff but seeing that a huge but very friendly Black bear was stopping through the yards yesterday just looking for a snack or two I decided not to. I left him a half of a watermelon along the roadside so against the Mr. advice. When I went out this morning to see if he found it , he sure did. He left me the rinds that hungry bear. I walked on foot and tried to follow it around so I could get some pics for you all but I couldn't keep up with him. He wasn't to intimidated by me though. I think it may be a pregnant mom. Anyway I just love watching them they are such a beautiful animal. The little owl is from dollar tree and he fits well with the twiggery. The jeweled pumpkin and the leafy sprays was a gift from my late mom from QVC. It came with an amazing basket that I will share another time.


This sunflower was easy to craft just one brown grocer bag needed and some paint of your choice. Just cut 1 round circles about the size of a desert plate and also with the remaining paper cut the 3 inch petals as I did in the wreath post.
I gathered the strips of petals and using a stapler attached them to one circle then I stuffed the center with a little squished paper and hot glued the top circle on . I made a stem by just tightly rolling the piece of brown paper. I made a couple of huge leaves and attached them as well. Now time for paint and be sure when you do paint brown paper always water it down a smidgen. You can bend and squish some petals and the leaves while wet with paint to get more of a realistic look. I plan on making a big bunch of these Teddy sunflowers but they are a little time consuming.
The chalk board in the living room will be a good feature to keep a running good and bad kid list for Christmas what do you think? And to relay those important messages no one ever hears! Hope your are embracing fall with open arms it is such a great season to brighten your spirits. Thank you for stopping on by to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!BRAMBLEBERRY COTTAGE        It's Overflowing                    
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