A repurposed glass light fixture!

Hi everyone , been mia for a couple days. Doing some heavy duty shopping; little did I know the something that I really was seeking was already at my home. So a trip to Goodwill left me a little sad. Like if I were a spoiled child I would have stomped my feet and carried on even though the Mr. said that I could get the beautiful huge heavy and I mean heavy glass bowl for 29.99. My  conscience really did not want me to spend that on an item that I really couldn't tweak but oh so beautiful. I like to keep the pay outs at thrifts really low. But I have to tell you all about it , It was probably worth about 175.00 but the colors were not perfect but what a really wonderful bowl to decorate for the seasons. Sooooo, long story short. When I went to load the trunk with my thrift finds I took a look in the very back and there it was this glass light fixture which the Mr. Sweet Tea N' Salty air brings home allot seeing he is an electrician. When he takes fixtures down and replaces them instead of tossing them he keeps them and tries to find a home for them. Take a look...
So I asked the Mr. for it and he gladly gave it to me. So when we got back I took it apart the only thing was that it left 3 holes in it. But no problem I could remedy that .
So now I could really have that super sized glass bowl after all. So after taking it apart I mixed up some glass paint a couple squirts of paint and a little Elmer's glue and a couple drops of dish soap. I chose black because my dining and coffee tables are light so black would pop well . I painted her up when she was dry it brainstormed me that I could tie some burlap up on the 3 tiny holes. I also gave it a good spray of poly .

I did a little fall décor  I can't wait to deck it out for Christmas! Scan your local thrifts and If you see a dated fixture like this pick it up and redo! Thank you so very much for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.  I have joined the linky party over at A Stroll Thru Life @ www.astrollthrulife.net Also joined the Paint party at Domestically SPEAKING!Domestically Speaking

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