Wooden wine crate turns into a perfect container for freshley picked pinecone or wild pine from the woods

Hi everyone, I had this wooden wine box that my aunt surprised me with, she scored it from a local liqueur store. I had it for a couple of months stashed until I figured out what I would exactly do with it.

It's perfect for holding pine cones and pine sprigs and light enough to bring into the woods for carrying. The first thing I did was use a stencil and some vinyl spackling and did a little design on the front very simply just holding the stencil in place and filling the stencil ever so gingerly and just letting it dry.

Now a coat of black paint is in order and when that was dry I did a sanding to distress it. I cut a piece of linen and glued it to the box and stenciled with black paint , added some bows and pine cones. I used some vintage lace from one of my grams tablecloths. Take a look....

from this.....
To this, I didn't put that little guy in there but he does look cute. I didn't paint the inside but I did give it a poly spray.

Since I have taken these photos I have decided to put handles on it for easier carrying. Pinecones are my favorite our door thing to pick how about you? Decorating and crafting is endless with pinecones . Thank you for joining Sweet Tea ' Salty Air! You can find me at these fun linky Parties! Come party with us. Domestically Speaking