A goodwill find from some time ago takes center stage in the kitchen!

Happy Thursday! As I was rumbling through my shed I came across this hanging iron basket that I purchased many moons ago just for the fruit that was attached to it so that I could use them on the glass cabinets in my dining room to match the fruit in my border. I think I paid 5.00 for it . So I pulled it out yesterday and hung it above my butcher block island.

It still has 4 apples attached to it so it fits the theme well and its a perfect place to put some décor, candles or what ever!

A vintage pitcher that I attached a couple of maple leaves and hung  pinecones from , an old apple painted muffin, a pear spiced candle and my favorite little pink rooster that belonged to my great gram.

I draped some red and green wooden beads along the bottom instead of s-hooks maybe later I will change to the hooks.

This is the other fruit that was attached to it that now lives on my glass paneled dining cabinets as pulls. So have you pulled any junk out lately? You never know what I will come up with. I'm working on another Halloween craft project that I will be sharing soon.  Thank so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air it was so nice having you!