An old frame gets a new look !

Everyone has old frames hanging around the house I just know it , this is one way you can declutter them. I needed a personal type gift so I actually bought this frame at Goodwill for 3.50 it was 50% off the color yellow so originally it was 6.99
It came complete with a duck type water color. So I opened up and painted the frame. I measured out a piece of burlap that would fit  the frame leaving on about an extra 2 inches of overlap. After measuring the burlap I gave it a good ironing , I put an old tee shirt on top of the burlap and ironed right over that. Once its nice and flat you can use some stencils or stamps if you wish and do any kind of  names , messages, whatever you choose. I did a family theme with all the members of the family and some hearts.  This is an inexpensive way to reuse frames and give them a new life, burlap is about 3.99 per yard and great to work with. I had some extra burlap so I incorporated a  flower I made and 2 out of some black ribbon that I have an abundance of. So the items that I used for this craft include an old frame, burlap, stencils, black and white paint and some antique button for some pazazz.


This is an ideal personalized gift and people love them! I hope this will inspire you to turn your old frames into a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.