This Little tattered ladder has climbed to the top step of cute!

Thank goodness for the Goodwill Thrift store I   found this little vintage ladder that someone crafted a top very useful I thought so for 4.99 I bought him up. The ladder appeared to be very sturdy and could open and close with one hand. Here it is in the store state....
I painted the whole table a lite sea green and on the top I used a stencil to create  checkers with black and I also weathered it with some black touches. Just the right piece to set sofa side to set a quick cup of coffee.


I can sit some of my favs on the ladder as well as hang a magazine on the ladder rung.. Often times when our living room is full you may get a seat where you have no access to set down a hot cup of coffee so this little ladder table fits the bill.





So if you see  something that looks a little tattered but think that it could be useful go ahead and purchase and never be afraid to paint it, painting furniture is very forgiving you will be surprised just what you can come up with!  Thank you so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.


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