Wow! I worked on this Christmas Stocking late last evening so no one actually seen it, this morning when the kids woke up I certainly had there attention when they saw the stocking hung by the chimminey with care. Today we have blue bells instead silver bells.
The blue bells were just a mere seed planted by our little Natalie , now they have overrun the porch but they are pretty. And we have inclimate weather brewing, but not snow....
This is what I see from my porch, the usual for this time of year, but that does not get me down cause it's Christmas in July! So to celebrate I crafted this little Christmas stocking, I cut out the stocking from some red felt material, Sewed a red and white checked ruffle to the top . I crafted a poinsettia out of burlap, I just cut some leaf shapes and glued them all in the middle. Then I hot glued some beads to the middle of the flower for , I actually don't know what they are called but they live in the middle of a Poinsettia . For the heel and front of the foot I glued on some lace from an old vintage tablecloth. I hung it on the wrought iron hanger that I got years ago at a yard sale. It's that easy, I have been requested by the girls in the house to make one for them only much bigger.....better get busy.