Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Thrift Store Finds With A Makeover

 Welcome, I've been having  fun putting a bit of life back into some tired. Finds.

First up: 2 sturdy wooden candle holders. Slim and full of  interesting cut outs. So I simply gave them a bit of white paint, this brought the carving to life. A bit of greenery, a bow and a candle on top.

Next up is the wire basket, not sure what the basket is actually for , so I simply painted it a bit with some Elmer's glue and sprinkled some cinnamon powder and let it dry. This is a great way to add a rusty look, just added a bow and some lemons. 

The corbels I decided not paint, thier present look is to lovely. I simply hung on each side of the doorway into the dining room, added a slat of wood for a shelf over the door. A cute place to display some glassware.

The blue glass soap dish is holding a lovely lemon scented soap. The 2 brass dish holders are on display with 2 green dishes that I found at target.

The black pop over pan I have decided to stow away and try my hand at some homemade pop overs . 

It has been fun on this stormy day giving new life to some thrift store finds. How about you? Love to hear from you in the comments! Share with us your thrift store treasures!

                          Happy Thrifting!


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