Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Whites Of Winter And Colors Of Spring.....

Welcome! So happy you could stop in for some chit chat! Ive been dreging through the house for days , changing and adding. I have to share this bit that i recently read on a facebook farmhouse group that I belong. A gentleman qued in to say we were all wanna bes, our houses are not really on a farm etc.etc. okkkk so I dont have pigs and chickens etc. Im thinking wow. Dont blow my happiness up please! I love my style of farmhouse in my home, its simmply my warm happy place that I celebrate the old each day. Everything such as my slider glass doors gone barn door. Roosters , pigs, metals and wickers plus. Our homes are what ever you want it to  be

So I have been super busy fixing thi gs around the house that are not up to my liking. The master suite was a biggie. I painted , did the floor and extended my farmhouse on in. I can show you bits and pieces due to the fact I promised my family I wouldnt put bedrooms on my blog but whos to say I cant show bits and pieces .

 Just a white large rag wreath with somstems I bought at Walmart, lambs tongue, lavender and huge daisies.

 A shutter I attached a galvanized bucket ans a sign. I just love shutters to farmhousedecorate, love that you can tie pretty decor
Decided to paint the bedroom floors its a 4 step process but the end result was worth it

This is the quilt pattern.

One thing I am amazed at is the Parsely that i have in the garden. It never took up during the summer so it being winter here in sw florida where we dont really have rain. So parsley loves a bit of sun and very little water.

I have been enjoying the parsely in soups and sauces and a great potato salad.

I have been slowly disecting a very vintage cabinet and trying to incoporate the wooden pieces in the house. This piece was the top of the cabinet.

I decided to use it as a back drop for my chopping table, I was tempted to paint it but thought I would enjoy the  rich wood grain for a while so I just decorated it with 3 farm animals found at Hobby Lobby.

The wood top on my island is actually part of the shelving in that disected vintage cabinet. So if you have a piece of vintage furniture that has seen better days get creative and repurpose the wooden pieces.

                        Thankyou for stopping in today!


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