An old plain closet door, an old tool box make a pretty barn door

Hi there, so happy you could stop in today!  I want to share with you today a door that was layed to rest brought back to life with a lick of paint! I am so loving the vintage doors I see about online. But here I never run across any old vintage doors so I painted this one up and dressed him for Fall.

 The first step was to give the door a brown coat of paint.

 Then a vanilla color of paint taking care not to get ahead of myself I did about 2 ft at a time, and I took a yard stick and drew lines using the opposite end of a paintbrush so what you see is the brown paint on each line.
Which makes it look like this.

 I also dry brushed a trim and made also painted the barn look crossed pieces of trim

 I had an old small toolbox I added to the front and filled it with these small primitive little pumpkins  that I crafted from some old tin cans.

I just brushed them with a very light orange and added some darkness

I let some rust come through....these poor cans have been out in the rain for days
I crafted a Fall wreath
 I had a metal hanging piece that I used for the wreath


And to finish it off I crafted a sign to complete it!  It sits againt the glass doors in my dining room and has quickly became a favorite.  Be sure to save your old doors even if they are totally ugly and also you tin cans , they are becoming a favorite to craft with! 
Hope I have inspired you to give a lick of paint to a poor old door sitting in your garage!
Thanks so much for stopping in

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