Hi there........welcome. If you see this blog title you must be wondering .....This year I decided to get a bit creative with what I had on hand, Meaning I just didn't want to hang lights and call it a day. So with 6 boxes and a roll of extra duty foil , things I had on hand and a bit of illumination I came up with this.

Just three different sized boxes some paint and scraps of material is all you need I did stick them together with some construction glue.

My kids were laughing when I was crafting these snowmen making comments about snowmen are not square, of course my reply was "they are now".

Earmuffs , a scarf complete my new men! I scattered Styrofoam balls about and hung some flakes with cording.

A reindeer keeps them company

I had made the sled from wood last year

I filled a basket with fresh greens that were free at Lowes, it is the leftover scraps from the fresh cut trees.

Happy to say after everything was put together the kids no longer laughed at my snowmen....I did throw in that Santa is watching so you better agree..lol


There is my son tweeking the lights as usual.

The snow men stand about 51/2 ft tall. White branches for the arms.


I was about to throw this wooden headboard away as I was cleaning the back shed out but last minute idea I am using it in the winter scene between the 2 snowmen. I painted the outer part a white outdoor paint and the middle was painted with chalkboard paint.

Thank you so much for stopping on by today to see how I do outdoor decorating here in SW Florida
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Happy decorating, Lisa