Discarded bath vanity into a useful garden center!

Happy you could stop by today! The hot weather is upon us and so are the tropical storms ! Most Floridains love the daily thunder and fierce rains that storm through almost like a northerner enjoys the snow.....at first that is. The garden is underway and finally I have a garden center to store all my tools and bags of soil etc.... and a great counter to work on.

As I have said before my daughter is in the construction line of work so when they have a remodel the homeowners often trash their old stuff that is actually most of the time still very nice . So my Amanda carted this bath vanity home in her truck and even though I would not use it in one of the bathrooms it sure would suit as a Garden center a great place for planting and storing all the garden essentials. And the best part is it is in a covered area and just a skip away from the vegetable garden.

 The vanity itself was a blonde color wood so I did a wash of  dark brown then a coating of light paint just letting the darkness show through in the creases. I painted some pots of daisies and stenciled sun & H2o.
 I lined the drawers with some colored burlap I had been saving. The drawer holds all my hand tools perfectly.
 A tray sits on the opening where the sink originally was but it works out great I just take the tray and hose off the dirt! A great way to make a quick watering can is to take a milk carton and poke some holes near the top and presto fill with water put the cap on and your ready to water. Don't throw away those plastic scoops from your laundry soap, you can use them to scoop soil in pots etc.

 A chalkboard had to be included as well fun and useful.

 The under sink cabinet is perfect for holding all the different soils.
 Ok so someone spelled vegetable wrong..........ot oh. The vanity had a tiled top so I used rustoleum paint for that .
I thank Amanda for this useful vanity that now is my favorite garden spot!
Thank you for stopping in today!
Come party with me!!!

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