Welcome and Happy New Year to you!  I have been a busy bee around here.....packing away Christmas decorations and rearranging , fixing etc... Im sure most can relate. Saying bye to Christmas is bittersweet , hate to see it all go but kind of happy to get things cleaned and putting out some new stuff such as this entertainment center. I was gifted a gift card and I have been on the search for an entertainment center that I could turn in to a baking center. After all my new Kitchen Aid mixer deserves a place to call its own seeing that I will be working it to its beaters. The entertainment center would have to be constructed of all wood and the counter would have to be my height. Finally I came across the perfect one!

We decided to decorate the center for the winter season with a strand of winter berries and white lights also some snowflakes. The mixer fits well and the center also came with an electrical power strip so everything could be plugged  in.  

Spatulas, measuring spoons and cooling racks all have a permanent home.

The best part of this center is when I am done using it I can just close the doors.

Spices towels, pans and an extra micro wave oven for melting chocolate, butter etc.

Stainless steel bowls, funnels, loaf pans etc sit on the upper shelf. I do plan on installing a piece of corrian for the counter top.

A tobacco ladder holds kitchen towels.

These cute bottles were a Tuesday Morning find.

The fire place gets a winter do over with candles , snowflakes.

Winter branches stand tall on the fire place.

Closed.......I can hide freshly baked treats until I am ready to serve them!