Hi friends , so happy share Sweet Tea N' Salty Airs Autumn celebration. Well what are you waiting for.......come on in through the screen door and let my home give you a big warm Autumn hug!

I have been working with allot of brown paper bags once again! Here I crafted a sign to go with the fall theme. And that bag of  "Leaves" are also crafted from brown grocers bag. Here in Florida we don't have those beautiful vibrantly hued maple leaves, darn! So I had to compromise a bit A rag wreath hangs on the screen door and my moms old rake leans in the corner.

 So I cut some out of you guessed....brown bags.
 I took some craft paint and made a watered down red stain.
Dipped them in and crinkled them and your not going to believe it I put them in the clothes dryer. Shhhh don't tell Mr. STNSA he he he.
As close as Im going to get as real.
Remember that Bag , hes a pumpkin! I painted it white and surrounded it with some blocks I crafted saying Fall. I used a balloon and just molded the damp paper over it. After it dried I painted a crow.

All the roosters are out of the coop, The colors of them scream fall! So very happy you stopped in , don't forget to visit for part 2 of  Autumn happenings here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!

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