Hi there, it's a wonderful day here at Sweet tea N' Salty Air. I had this very nice all cotton Pottery Barn duvets cover, king size . So I had been looking for something that would be nice in the Lake house room, I scanned the internet but no luck . While I was looking through all that I had on hand I came across this wonderful King size Duvet cover , just the right colors.
The material is all cotton and it is very heavey so I begun taking it apart in the middle and from there I cut it into 4 length size pieces. All I did was sew all the straight seems so there were no rough edges.

So I turned the just sitting on the shelf duvet cover into these lakeside summer curtains. A hem on all sides is all you need to sew and if sewing is not in your agenda some textile adhesive would do the trick.

Sitting some blue glass on the window sill adds some color interest

Now I don't have to spend money on new curtains I can put the money to use on my home renovations, we are enlarging the dining room soon

Curtain clips are an ideal solution to any curtain situation just feed them through the rod and clip on your curtain any way you like.
I decided to place my crafted screen door and vintage ladder in the centers of the windows.
The colored glass through the screen brings brightness as the sun shines through the blue glass. So shop your shelves and see if you have anything you can turn into curtains.
Thank you so much for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, stop by again for some more thrifty domestic adventures! bye for now......
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