Hi there , I have been super busy cleaning and painting and sprucing up the laundry room. Unfortunatley my laundry room is connected to the screened in porch its actually a good and bad thing. Its wonderful for swimming because it is also used as a changing room after swimming in the pool or beach so all wet suits are left there in a laundry basket along with all the sand.

So what I did was made a sign from a bolt of muslin that I purchased for a few dollars at the thrift store, I cut some tiny clothes and attached them with a clothes pin and hot glue, I attached to a piece of lattice I had in my shed.

I also hung some mini laundry bags on it actually they were the bags that sheet sets came in. This sign brings back many memories from when I was a child and we were camping they also had lattice behind the sign. We would sit and wait for the laundry eating bags of penny candy, those were fun days!

I had a flat wicker basket that efficiently hold all the laundry items.

I made a skirt out of a brand new twin flat sheet that was given to me to wrap the counter. The counter was covered with a marble heavy contact paper.
I painted the entire cement floor grey , leftover from the lounge port that I recently did over. When it was fully dried I did a stencil in blue then I coated it with sealer.
We even have a change bowl for all the money that every one forgets that they left behind in their pockets. A vintage lunch box holds clothes pins.

A repurposed frame works as a clothes hanger so shirts can be taken from the dryer and hung .
This laundry room is clean and eficiently and actually did not cost me any money I used items that I already had on hand. Take a look around your home and see what you can change and repurpose, have fun!  Thanks for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air !