Hi there, nice of you to stop by. Have you been thrifting lately?   I have come across some really neat stuff that fits perfect with my vintage/cottage/farm house décor. This rooster that does his job by holding the kitchen dishtowel was a mere 2.99.

He is attached to the shelf at the kitchen sink. He does his job well don't you think?

This very cute dress form is about 31/2 ft tall. That was at 4.99 but I am not sure how old it is it does look somewhat old. I may add a pretty dress or maybe a plant. It will take some time to figure this one out.

I was lucky to find this old glass milk bottle from Rodgers dairy in NY . It still has the original paper pull lid. I cant help to think about where this milk bottle first sat and who's table it was on. I can almost vision the mom dressed up with her pretty apron serving breakfast on the family table where their were piled scrambled eggs made from gathered eggs from that morning, maybe some Hoe cakes hot off the pan slathered with mounds of real butter. Hoe cakes are an old time favorite something like a pancake but made with cornmeal. The very first ones were made by the slaves on hot farm hoes, that's actually how they cooked them. Things seem so much simpler in the life that many of us bloggers mimic daily with our vintage décor etc. It makes me so happy to hap upon something like this for only 1.99. It tells me a larger story than any book could.

The fine china piece placed in the middle is my new find , @ 1$ it's wearing some pretty blue roses. Perhaps this was part of a new entire set that a bride received many decades ago. This again can tell such an amazing story, was this once part of an entire set, was it a wedding gift of a bride from long ago? If these items could only talk. Hope you enjoyed this little thrift tour, All of these items were purchased at Good-Will of South west Florida. By shopping at Good-Will it helps the community in many ways such as jobs, housing etc. We get a great deal and they get money they so desperately need. I also donate at least once a month shoes, clothes, housewares etc. any little bit helps out that great organization.

Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy the company!