A little love for a long lost watering can!

Hi everyone so glad you had some time to drop by! The rain is slowly diminishing her in Florida which means we wont see any substantial rain for months and months but the upside is we will soon have perfect weather, well some of the time anyway... Where I am we had really cold nights in Nov., Dec, Jan. and Feb. We sure had many fireside nights at our fire pit but the days are usually perfect .....maybe 68-70. Anyway I found this watering can in my shed its a little worn and tattered but with some paint and hot glue , a stencil and a crafted wire bow this little watering can came back to life ready to help keep all the plants hydrated.

I took a hot glue gun and just made a leave design on the bottom and then after it was all painted black I just highlighted it a bit with the light paint.
I crafted the bow out of silver wire and added a vintage button in the center. As it stands in the outdoors the bow will get that rusty goodness along with the can itself.

Her it is in the before state , just needing a tiny bit of garden love! Thanks for stopping by!