A painted bathroom floor turned out not half bad! & a peek at an upcoming project!

Hey there , thanks for stopping by ! Iv'e been up to no good, at least that's what Mr. S. says when he comes home from work and see's that I have done something totally out of the box. I was so tired of the kids bathroom floor and I know Mr. S won't be tackling that any time soon soooo..... I did a little makeover myself.

It all started with a couple of cans of oops paint and a stencil. Lets take a look, I didn't take any before but it was just peel and stick tile. A quick fix when we had so many other projects more important.

 there's the camera strap again! When will I learn.... The process was really simple , First I put a coat of very light Bluish , green I'll call it sea foam, When it was totally dry I put a generous coat of light brown BEHR premium semi transparent WEATHER PROFFING all-in one wood stain & sealer. The best part it was on the oops counter at Home Depot. You got love those Opps Counters! I only paid .50 for it. This product is guaranteed 6 yrs.-8yrs. This will insure a tight seal to protect the floor from all the sand and water from the beachgoers and shower takers. Once all was dry I applied the stencil, I choose something simply from my stash of stencils I did not seal those I thought it would be kind of vintage looking if they start to wear away a bit. They were done in a dark deep green.

So you kind of get the look of a stenciled wooden floor. So if you have a floor that you want to spruce up a bit give it a try!

Yesterday my daughter Amanda who works in construction brought home a really nice heavy duty pine pallet . I caught her almost taking it apart for the outdoor fire pit. I stopped her quick and drug it into the house, I told her that she may see it as fire wood but I see it as my new barn door. Iv'e been scanning the net looking at pictures of barn doors . So check back for the barn door post I will be working on that today.

Now I need to get to work! Thanks for stopping by!

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