An old tired little table gets the teen grove on!

Happy Monday everyone! Some don't like Mondays very well but I love Mondays. It means everyone gets out to their designated areas and I can do what ever it is that I do in P&Q. I found this poor little table that would be perfect in the teens porch as a coffee table , not to big and not to high just the right size to set some cokes on while they listen to their tunes.....ooch that does get loud. So this is what she looked like to start. I gave the table a good spray of a water based sealant to prevent water damage.

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I did allot of sanding and scraping. Once I achieved the smoothness I painted the whole table Black. Using painters tape I put a few white lines to kind of get the music scale then I gave her a big music sign, I accented with a white wash to give it a weathered look. And her she is...

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