A Goodwill find and a little shopping in my home creats a new shelf fashion!

It's  Friday ....you know what that means right ? NO SILLY, not the end of a work week, well yes it is but I meant thrifting, yard sailing so I could feed my addiction to thrifting pick up some more perspective projects. I have decided some things that I will be doing in the future such as  a raffle and I will be selling some of my blog redoes....that will all be in the near future. Anyway I bought this great wooden window frame the only problem it was covered with grapevines and double duty staples. If you notice there is a mirror directly underneath it that was a roadside find. After pulling out all the nails and staples I decided to leave the color as is. I gathered some décor from my cabinets to join the window. If you have been following my posts you will know that I have cut up a very old vintage hand crocheted lace tablecloth that belonged to my gram, I have used it in a number of projects and that includes this one. I cut the circles out and made bows by tying them in the middle then attaching them to cording for a cute little something something.


So here you have it a little blue a little brown , it amazes me how versatile a chocolate brown wall color is .