Wait, dont through that old pool liner away and that old rusty fire pit either!

About two years ago we bought a fire pit  and it began to rot out on the bottom so I kind of set it aside and the pool liner also just had too many holes to patch so I also set that aside meaning I just couldn't throw them away . Yep , Lisa's the name and repurpose is the game. Some call me a junk collector but when you see what I did with these two items you may change your mind . First up is my tired old fire pit. I put a plastic liner on the bottom with some rocks for irrigation and filled it with soil and plants, not to bad for something I was going to never trash. The pink plant is a Penta and they are hardy and grow nicely.

Second up is the old pool liner, I just put it down over the existing grass and filled the top with some red mulch, I still need to do the edges with decorative blocking. It seems to stay in place fine through all our daily storms and ironically enough this is where my new fire pit is. I guess its all connected. So don't be hasty about throwing things away , find an out of the way place and store them until you are ready to repurpose them.