Paper OR Plastic, Do they even ask that queation anymore at the grocery?

I made little floweretts and large crinkled leaves , little paint, ribbon and buttons.
 It was a busy week end I kinda wish that there were more than 24 hours in the day because it is not enough time especially when the holidays swiftly approach. I can only find 1 store that will allow you to have paper bags instead and that's Publix, an upscale good quality grocery. I always ask for paper there is so many things I do with it. I put together this fall banner using one lg grocery bag. I use brown bags for things such as crafts, make little popcorn bags for that special movie the kids are watching. They can be decorated nicely for gift giving as well. Speaking of gift giving my teenage daughter announced that she was going to need some homemade gifts for Sunday ,she told me on Saturday night. No problem I'm used to that. She needed gifts for 4 year old so I whipped up a cute little apron and did some designs and stenciled her name it came out cute. I will share with you all later...also made a burlap personalized glass framed picture. We have also made some great country ornaments out of bags. The brown bag paper is durable to stencil, paint and work with. When I do homemade soaps at Christmas I wrap them up fancy with brown bag paper. Children love working with bags so next time your at the grocery ask for paper bags. Have fun!