Iv'e painted my Cherry wood foe fireplace with home made chalk paint, yike I may be in trouble it was a birthday gift!!

Sooo , My significant other and in laws presented me with a beautiful foe fire place for my birthday a couple of years ago, they made me go down in my bedroom so they could set it up in my living room. So naturally I had my ear against my door to try to listen to what was going on......Then I heard what sounded like a dish washer, Yuk, I thought. I hate those things, you have to load ,unload that just not for me. But what I was really hearing was the vacuum. When they called me out I was so surprised it was truly beautiful, I had always wanted a fire place. It just didn't have that pop it deserved, so presto I made some home made chalk paint and painted that fireplace , now it has the vintage look and the pop it deserves. Although my in laws haven't seen it yet. ( I may be in big trouble).

3 Cups of flat paint
3/4 cups of baking soda

After it totally dryed I sanded all the edges with 100 grit sandpaper to bring out the amazing details. Then I followed up with a clear furniture wax. As you can see we are getting ready for the fall festivities. What do you think? I have done several other pieces in my home with the chalk paint , it's addictive. Try it let me know what yo think.