Sunday, November 26, 2023

A Fun Holiday treat Mix!

 Welcome! Happy day to you! I don't know about your house but mine everyone is always looking for snacks. Sometimes a piece of fruit just does not fit the bill.

This snack just involves a big ole glass jar,

I used the following items but any variety of  items will work.

Small butter pretzels

Yogurt covered raisins

Dried sweet cherries


Nuts of your choice

Simply add to the jar gently shake  ready to eat! I have mine at my cocoa, coffee tea bar.  The kids as well as adults will love this snack!


Any variations will work but be sure you have some items sweet and some Salty.  This will be.   sure to cure the hunger pangs for everyone.                   




  1. It's so good to see that you're back to a normal life and preparing for the holidays. I can not imagine the aftermath y a hurricane.

  2. Sorry I was proofing my comment when I accidentally hit the send button. I do hope your life is back in order and that your home didn't have much damage.


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