Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lets Take A Peek At A Real Farmhouse!

 Welcome ! So nice you could stop by. What's more of a farm house than the one set up for the  famous love story ; The Bridges Of Madison County. Starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. While  Meryls husband and children are away she strikes up a lustleful love affair. A must see movie if you haven't.

After studying the picture scenes the beauty of real farmhouse decor is a far cry from the modern farmhouse which lacks color and many real farmhouse  items, but beautiful in bright whites and mild wood tones.  Farmhouse style has taken on many rolls such as modern, shabby chic, 

In any case the photos from the movie set are familiar  to our farmhouse styles of today. Open shelving, I see how it looks like cabinet doors are removed. Lots of wall shelves. A  bright yellow metal table and chairs, funny I can remember my grams and it was also like an island right in the middle of the kitchen.  Oh and that massive Hoosier cabinet oh my , love that. They can be found today but with a pretty steep price tag.  Looks like metal cabinetry along with a farmhouse sink that most of us long for . What about the floral wallpaper? Wallpaper has made a comeback recently, maybe not the huge floral print.  One thing I don't see too much of is the perfect printed Shiney linoleum.  As I have researched linoleum choices of today it has come a long way it seems to be thicker  for a more comfy step and the patterns are actually very beautiful with many mimicking wood floors.

I like the look of a real farmhouse kitchen, it blasts color and character.  So what's your farmhouse style? Here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air I think we have a bit of it all. 

Some of the Farmhouse elements that are very common of today that I don't see back then are the big farmhouse tables that include 4 chairs and a bench.  I'm seeing alot of metal lighting also now indoors but not really back then. How many of you will watch a movie but instead of really concentrating on the story your spying all the decor? That's me alright. So let's take a peek at some real Farmhouse !

Check out the Percolater coffee pot, oh and the tablerunner. Notice the walkin pantry with the curtain. 
Yellow painted breadboard to match the wallpaper. Love the little tray in the center of the table that holds salt and pepper etc. A beautiful carascene lamp sets on the hoosier.
Hoosier. Of a mug they are using cups and saucers, I really love that! I really do want that sink.
The curtains are matching and look crisp as though they were starched and ironed. That appears to be a milkglass globe hanging light, simply beautiful.
Omg that stove is to die for, I can remember my grandmother having one simular.

A place for everything  and everything in its place! Love that linoleum though!
The "ice box", wow love that along with the size of the kitchen.

This is the outside of this spectacular farmhouse and of course Clints old pickup. A wonderful movie with an undieing love story. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed a bit of yesteryear!    

                               Have a joyful day!


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